It’s all About Us

Who are we and why?

We are Helen & Jason and we started RTTA in 2016, we enjoy having a great day out with friends and also wanted jobs that we enjoyed and that allowed us to spend more time with our children and give them a view of working hard but also doing a job you love.

Raven was just an idea back in 2012 after visiting some friends in Ireland who had just set up their high ropes course Squirrels Scramble. A late night conversation ensued and the wheels were in motion. After nearly 5 years, some forward thinking from Craven District Council and lots of support from family and friends we are now up and running! If you are ever visiting Dublin or the surrounding area check out

We are parents of 4 children who often struggle to find days out that appeal to all our children and fit in with our budget, we know there are some similar sites around the UK but when we looked into the cost it was a little out of our price range – we hope to make your experience better and for it not to cost the earth.

What we want to achieve..

We love outdoor activities and wanted to help the children around us learn more about our environment in a fun way, taking them out of the classroom and away from computers and computer games to help them discover the world outside and see how much fun they can have.

We love to help other people try new things and push boundaries in a safe environment, climbing through the trees is a great way to boost confidence in children and adults – we can help you overcome your fear of heights one step at a time.

We feel that children need help to understand and learn about the natural world and be able to get up close and personal with some bugs whilst having fun. We believe that we need to help nature as we building more homes and destroying habitats – this is why we want to show people how to make new habitats for all types of animals.

The RTTA History

After long days and months in the park throughout the winter of 2017 and spring of 2018 (we especially love the snow!). We finally opened our doors in May 2018.

Whilst it was a shorter course than planned we were able to add to it over the year, the final course was completed in summer 2018.

2019 – we mixed things up a little and added extra sections, the summer was a little bit of a wash out on a lot of days but we still had a good year seeing over 3000 visitors.

2020 – Due to the COVID situation this was a tricky year although the weather was certainly on our side with some stunning sunshine – we eventually opened to the public in June with some changes to the course but the running of things was a little different….

2021 – Things are still a little uncertain about what will happen this year – it’s still early days but we are hoping to mix things up a bit on the course to keep you entertained. We are also launching our new online booking system! head to to book.

2022 – We’ve done some course changes! here’s hoping for a good year!

2023 – We’ve had a quieter year but still had loads of fun in the trees and planning the changes for next year.

#come find your adventure!