RTTA Environmental Policy

RTTA are committed to:
Only putting platforms on mature trees – the immature ones make fun of us and pull funny faces! But seriously we don’t want to harm the growth on young trees, fully grown trees are able to support the course without being damaged.
Promoting an environmentally-friendly culture with employees and any on-site contractors.
Encourage all staff, adventurers, spectators and contractors to recycle all packaging and rubbish where possible and dispose of any waste responsibly.
RTTA use a friction based system for fixing our platforms to minimise permanent damage to the trees.
​Trees are to be inspected on a regular basis.

Tree pruning and felling

We keep any tree pruning to a minimum, where possible only dead or diseased branches are removed and only done by a trained member of staff.
Rather than felling we may reduce trees in height to a safe level or remove and diseased sections. If we have to remove any trees due to age or disease a new tree will be planted in it’s place.
Improving the quality of the woodland to enable all animals, bugs and birds to flourish and build homes in the trees and undergrowth.
Highlighting the importance of nature conservation through education to all adventurers.
Any trees or branches removed from the woodland will be used for improving amenities, educational activities, habitat building or chipping.

If you would like to talk to us regarding any felling or pruning requirements you may have please see links on our Community page.

When required we work with local bat and hedgehog groups – if you would like further information please click on the following links – HEDGEHOGS BATS

Looking up into our platforms