What are your age restrictions?

We accept children as young as 7 – all children under 10 have to be supervised up in the trees by a competent adult – please note the adult(s) must be added to your booking and paid for. 1 adult can supervise 2 children.

Can I cancel my booking?

Your booking can be cancelled up to 48hrs before for a 95% refund (we need to cover our card provider costs) or reschedule. If you cancel or wish to reschedule the day before your booking a refund will only be issued if we can re-book the slot. No refund will be given for cancelling on the day of your booking although please ring and speak with us as we may offer a reschedule.

There may be times when we are forced to close the site due to the weather or a safety concern – we will contact you by phone as soon as we can and offer a refund or reschedule.

I’m nervous about going so high, am I suitable for your course?

Possibly, the fact that you’re considering a visit it sounds like you want to give it a go let us help you prepare. Due to certain constraints on the Aireville site our lower platforms start at 3.5m. The training triangle takes you from around 4mtrs to 5mts off the ground and to top it off we put our hardest obstacles right at the beginning! This is all part of our grand plan to help you gain confidence to help you through the course, we’ll help you up the first ladder to platform 1 where an instructor will guide you around the tree to the first element, the suspended logs. They’ll make sure you’re as happy as you can be before offering advise on how best to make your way across. Halfway across they will pass you to a different instructor who will assist you onto Platform 2 and then onto the wire walkway. You’ll normally be on your own on Platform 3 and by this point confidence will be building. You’ll follow the wobbly bridge back to platform 1 and then its decision time,  if you don’t fancy completing the course you can come back down the ladder, it’s always there and available, or if you fancy a different descent we can connect you to one of our rescue trained instructors who will abseil down to the ground with you (it’s our preferred way to get back to the ground, safer and more controlled than a ladder and you get you’re personal instructor for the trip) nearly everyone has a smile on the way down, it’s a great experience. If you want to continue but aren’t too sure just yet have another go around the practice course, it’ll be much easier the second time round and you shouldn’t need any extra support this time. Once you’re ready and we’re happy you’ll make it round you’ll get to go on our first zip line which leads onto the main course. In the main course you’ll still be supervised but normally from the ground. If you’re struggling, ask for help and we’ll talk you through what you need to do, if you’re still struggling we might join you in the trees to help you get going again but if you’ve decided ‘actually I’m not having fun and I’ve had enough’ don’t suffer in silence just ask to come down and we’ll bring you to the ground in a few minutes by abseiling down with you, we want you to get as much out of your time with us as you can but it’s very important that you have the option to come down at any time.

Spiderman rescue!

I think I’d rather an instructor completed to course with me – is that possible?

If you look at our reviews you’ll find plenty of people who were thinking the same thoughts as you but they took that step up the ladder and whilst not everyone made it all the way round they all felt they got a lot out of their visit.

We took a decision early on to try and keep our standard course prices low to allow everyone to be able to enjoy the experience of completing a high ropes course. We also realise that some people need more support than others and as such offer the opportunity to book an instructor to help them round, this is something we can’t offer at the current ticket price. The instructors taking part in this have been praised for their work in numerous reviews and your booking will be done with their input and will be done outside their normal shift duties. Most sessions will run at the beginning or end of the day allowing for a very relaxed and stress free visit (well except any fear issues you may have). You may need help due to a number of factors such as fear or a medical reason, physical or mental, and we want everyone to be able ‘have a go’ so long as it can be done safely. Whilst this increases the total price of your ticket it is still a very competitive price for this activity and you will get personal assistance all the way round the course.

For a small fee (additional £15) you can have a dedicated named instructor just for you and maybe a friend they will come with you through the course offering support or assistance for our most nervous adventurers.

I only did the training area can I have a refund?

Once paid up most high ropes courses have a no refund policy but we aren’t most high ropes courses, if you don’t make it up the ladder we would normally offer a full refund ideally you’ll know your limits and won’t even attempt the course if your fears are this bad before you start but it does happen from time to time and we feel that even though we’ve just spent time harnessing and briefing you if you’re never going to come and try again a full refund is normally appropriate (this is a quick return to ground that doesn’t affect the running of the course in any way). Once you’ve made it to Platform 1 we’re committed to supporting you to get the most out of our course that you can this may include additional time in the training area rather than going onto the main course. If you come down in the main course no refunds will be offered. Please remember we have tried to keep our ticket prices low and affordable and your experience is just part of the operating costs of the site we are constantly building and maintaining the course even through our closed winter period your course entry price also helps cover these ‘hidden’ costs.

Do you have a weight limit?

Yes we do – our kit is safety tested for anyone up to 18St/120Kg.

How long will my adventure take and is there a time limit?

We expect you to take between 45 minutes to 90 minutes to complete the course. If it’s busy it may take a couple of hours. We discourage anybody trying to race through the course (instructors included) as this could lead to accidents. If you want more of a challenge we would suggest reducing your reliance on the your ‘smart belay’ and the supporting ropes by, wherever possible and appropriate, only holding on with one hand or non at all, or maybe just using fingers and thumbs to hold rather than a full grip.

My child has ‘special needs’ can they come?

At RTTA we try to be as inclusive as we can we are committed to providing a service to those people that sometimes don’t always get the opportunity to take part in ‘challenging’ or exciting activities such as ours. We also have to be practical, this doesn’t mean saying no but quite the opposite you know your child the best, so long as there isn’t a medical reason why they shouldn’t attempt the course get in touch with us by phone or email booking@ravenadventure.co.uk and tell us what support you’ll need to be able to get round our course successfully we’ll do our best to sort out any problems. It’s very much a learning curve but at a minimum we need the child to be able to wait, it sounds simple but if they can wait we can work round mobility issues and make sure they are comfortable on their journey round. In our first year we have had numerous children and young adults who are autistic, downs, ADHD, epileptic and we have successfully hosted our first blind adult on the course. We have met a couple of other sites that may be of interest for you please have a look at Challenge for Change, Manchester, Chris is so on board with this kind of support I can’t rate him and his staff highly enough there is also the Calvert Trust Lake District that organise activity holidays. Both are charities and are always looking for supporters.

Can I bring my dog, cat, llama?

As we’re located in a public park normal park rules apply all we ask is that animals are kept under control and away from our safety equipment. We only allow trained guide squirrels on the course.

I’ve not enjoyed my visit who do I speak with?

Sorry to hear this please speak with your nearest staff member who should be able to help but if required please ask for a supervisor and we’ll try and make sure any issues are dealt with in a timely manner, problems do occur from time to time we aim to fix them during your visit if possible. If you would rather phone or email after your visit please contact us on general@ravenadventure.co.uk we aim to reply to you within 24 hrs and it will be a real person not a computer or call centre.

I really enjoyed my visit how do I help RTTA grow?

We’re really pleased you’ve had a great time with us that’s what were about. If a staff member has really impressed you please let us know or even better write a review and mention them and why they were so good. Its great to hear when we’re doing things right and fantastic for the staff to get the recognition, we really appreciate the work they put in and as such have a bit of a fun competition each month whereby the instructor with the most mentions on social media (pictures, video or reviews) get bragging rights for the following month and a small prize from RAVEN (we’ve had to stop giving them free tickets on the course after they complained). Sharing your experience of our course with family and friends is how we would like to grow and its great to see people coming back time and time again. We plan to add and alter the course improving each year bookmark our website and follow us on Facebook to be the first to hear of new elements. With your support we will be able to offer even bigger and better courses in the future whilst keeping a realistic price and feel good family atmosphere (see below for our advertising plans)

I want to sell you advertising space who do I contact?

Currently we don’t have an advertising budget, well we do but it’s probably not going to be enough for the things you have to offer. As we are a small business we prefer to use word of mouth, community advertising and social media to spread the word.

I work/volunteer for a local community group or school can we help promote your site?

Unfortunately at the moment we are restricted to the amount of ‘free’ tickets we can offer to local good causes but as soon as things pick up then Ooooohhhhh yes please, this is the advertising we don’t mind investing in, if you have a charity event please contact us on general@ravenadventure.co.uk we have a number of ways we can support your fundraising in return for a mention in newsletters or maybe a poster up at your event. We might even be able to bring RAVEN to your event with habitat building, slack lines or maybe a zip line, get in touch if you’d like to know more. Rather than just the usual free tickets if there is anything else you think we could help out with please give us a shout.

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