The Team

We want to make sure you have an amazing time with us whether you’ve just popped in or are with a group or friends or even team building, so all our staff are handpicked and trained to the highest standards to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable visit and come back to see us soon!


Jason AKA Pixie

Is our chief builder and element designer, he also thinks he’s in charge…..
Pixie says ‘Well it’s been a long journey to get here, outdoor pursuits instructor, pizza delivery guy, vaporiser manufacturer, professional killer and crime fighter, yep, you name it I’ve probably had a go at it. I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up but it’s been a giggle getting this far. RAVEN was just an idea back in 2012 after we visited friends in Ireland who had just set up their high ropes course Squirrels Scramble, a late night conversation ensued and the wheels were set in motion. After nearly 5 years, some forward thinking from Craven District Council and lots of support from family and friends we are now up and running! all the hard work and perseverance is starting to be worth it. I love being outdoors and everything that comes with it, rain or shine (although keep the temperatures low for me) kayaking, caving, mountain biking, camping, skiing it’s all good, I love to get out with my camera and I’m quite inventive watch out for my creations as you travel through the course you shouldn’t be able to miss the 7m long selfie stick when that’s in use. I’m the chief wood cutter at RAVEN. I love making things and trying new experiences. For a few years I was a set designer at Kaleidoscope youth theatre but have had to give it up for Raven although you might see bits of our old sets turning up from time to time. One day I would love to build and live in a self sufficient straw bale house maybe in some trees somewhere?’


Helen AKA Boss

Is actually in charge 🙂
Boss says ‘And I know it. I also hate having my picture taken! After years honing my organisational skills controlling multinational projects all over the world I fancied the challenge of trying to organise Pixie, it’s been tough at times but I’m finally making progress. I’m the brains behind the operation my daily work involves making sure everything is being done correctly, I keep up to date with the best practices for the operation of our course and make sure everyone else knows what they are doing, I’m in my element. When I get out of the office I’ll be onsite as one of our adventurers, I can’t tell the others how to do things if i can’t do them myself – I’ll be leading by example.  I love the sun, a beach holiday would be my ideal, none of this trekking through the Scottish wilderness in winter for me thank you very much, if that’s the option I’ll wait in front of the log fire with a cup of hot chocolate for the others to come back, having said that I do enjoy our family activities and never say never when it comes to new ideas (apart from spiders I hate anything to do with spiders, eeeeuuuggghhhh). I enjoy gorge scrambling, kayaking, mountain biking, running and spreadsheets.’


Matt AKA Tallfella

I’m a thespian but don’t think bad of me.
Tallfella says ‘After finishing school I attended Craven College to study Drama and Media but now I’m looking for a change in direction, I’ve also just finished with Bingley Little Theatres youth contingent Kaleidoscope after being on stage with them for about 6 years and taking part in 12 plays. I’ve really enjoyed performing there and have had several major roles my last being Samuel Paris from Salem where I was presented with a certificate of merit for best actor by the Wharfedale Festival of Theatre 2017, not sure where I’ll end up at the moment but you’ll find me around RAVEN helping out from time to time.’


Sam AKA Dude

I talk to the animals.
Dude says ‘I want to swim with the fishes, quite literally, I’m working at Raven but my dreams involve Marine Biology I’d live to work helping to catalogue, monitor and improve the environment for marine animals all over the world. I’ve been with Raven since the beginning and helped built most of the course. I’m a rescue trained instructor so if you have any problems whilst you’re up in the air just ask for me and I’ll bring you safely to the ground.’


Petur AKA Pea

I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but…
Pea says ‘I’m still at school but don’t let that fool you I’m a force to be reckoned with. I love a challenge and will have a go at anything. I used to play the accordion and am currently learning the trombone and trumpet, I also enjoy more physical activities like mountain biking, playing football and hockey and would like to work in engineering when I’m older. For now I’m happy in the park or playing computer games, I’m easy either way. I’m a greeter at RAVEN and if you want someone to help you through the course I can come with you and show you how its done, hopefully I’ll be trained to be a rescuer but I’ll have to wait a bit for that.’



You’ll find me hanging around.
Lila says ‘I still have a long time to go at school, I’m very creative and can often be found drawing. I like sports and reading. I’m not bothered about computer games like the boys but I have been known to watch the odd YouTube clip or 100, I play hockey and enjoy going out for bike rides. I’ll be helping Pixie with new ideas for the course and, like Petur, (yes it is spelt like that it’s our Icelandic heritage) I’ll be able to help you through the course with handy hints and tips. You’ll be able to find me at the start of the course as I’ll be the one in charge of the money.’


I like to hibernate in the winter.

 Love the summer though, if it’s bad weather you’ll find me wrapped up and I’ll always be last to give up my jumper. I’m in my last year at Uni after the summer but come over to regularly to hang out in the trees, I’ve been with Raven since the beginning. I love dogs and nature, our family help train guide dog puppies who are really adorable. I’m usually in the start area giving briefings or up in the trees helping you get round the training area.


When I’m not in the trees I’m studying at Uni  ready for my final year. Whenever I get any free time I disappear to Spain to get some sun and relax. I’ve been with Raven since the beginning and will often be found in the training area helping you on your way or in the woods offering advice around the course. 


I joined Raven in 2018 helping out in reception, I’m now working in the trees, helping you in the training area and in the woods. Football is my passion, I’m currently at college hoping to make a career out of it, when I’m not working i’m either playing football, training or watching it!


Some say I look like Channing Tatum, 

Although maybe not in this picture! I’m a keen cyclist and can often be found roaming the Dales in lycra 🙂 I’ll be hanging in the trees ready to help you around the course and providing advise on the best way to manage the course on your own. 


I’m a TV star! When I’m not at Raven I’m busy filming for local TV shows, you’ll soon be seeing me on your T.V screens staring in some locally filmed period dramas! When I’m at Raven I’m one of the rescuers – if the trees get too much I’ll get your feet on the ground super quick.


Molly Dog AKA Mol

You’ll find her in the nearest stream unless you are a source of food and she’ll be right by your side! Our mascot can be very naughty – most of the time she’s kept on her lead as she’s not very good at coming back when she’s called – there are far too many interesting smells in the woods! Likes: squirrels and other small fluffy things, dislikes: having her hair cut!